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AmalfiMare is a company specialized and focused on boat rental and yacht charter in the Tyrrhenian Sea, with Amalfi Coast and Capri as main destinations. I'm Captain Patrizio and I have always loved the sea and in particular the Amalfi Coast.

A small introduction
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As a teenager I followed this hobby into a business: "Duoglio in Amalfi", with the encouragement of the mythical Alfredo Sette Odori. With a friend we created a school of windsurfing and sailing. Then when things were going well we decided to expand into tourist services, based on the sailing school but also offering parasailing, water-skiing, boat hire, daily boat charters, organized events and classic excursions. But the urge to browse and learn about the world was too strong and so after a few years we closed and everyone took to adventure.

owner of AmalfiMare company

Caribbean Memories

I had already done a lot of sailing in the Mediterranean so I thought it was time to go beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Working on a large yacht, I reached the Caribbean.

Antilles Memories

After having traveled extensively in South America, I stopped for a time in the Lesser Antilles. There I worked at "a bit of everything", like any good young traveler knows. Thus, though I was first a sailor and racer, and then a captain on sailing yachts. I was also a Pizza man.

Return to Italy

I returned later to Italy and continued work on the boats, firstly sail and then motor craft. I worked as a sailor and later as commander, working for both private and charter companies in the Mediterranean.

I have been in this business for the past 15 years , and have in the meantime started a family. Mariarita and I have two boys, to whom I have tried to convey my passion for the sea. I decided not to leave the "Divine Coast" and to put myself at the service of travelers and guide them through my land, showing the beauty of the coast from the sea; but above all the hidden corners, cliffs, islands, colors, smells, foods, characters, deeds and misdeeds of a coastal story rooted in mythology and ancient history.

To do this I decided to create and offer “Amalfi Mare” with classic boats, such as the traditional Gozzo Sorrentino, on excursions along the Amalfi Coast and to Capri.
Also, my experience with large yachts allows me to offer support for many of their needs.

 Mediterranean sea waters
typical Positano view

Allow the traveller to discover the sea, in the right way, the true essence of the coast, its history and its inhabitants. Until a few years ago it was only possible to explore the Amalfi Coast by boat, as there was no other possibility of movement for people and things. Without proper guidance, the Coast remained hidden by its grim rocky geography. Give the traveller experiences that are rooted in Simplicity, Quality, Exclusivity, introduce them to places and people, and at the center of this journey, an experienced host.

CAPTAIN - Patrizio Federico

Amalfi Mare

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